Lending (Old)

We provide a one-destination solution for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and niches. By expanding our financial offerings to offer a wide range of different lines of credit solutions, acquisitions options, and working capital financing, we’re able to serve our customers better, providing them with the financial solution they need for success.

Commercial Bridge Loans

If you require a short-term loan for your business, our commercial bridge loans are the ideal option. Our team is ready and waiting to get a bridge loan into place for you – all you need to do is get in contact today.

Construction Equipment Financing

Whether it’s a one-off project or growing business need, purchasing construction equipment can be expensive for any growing business. Utilizing our financing, you can access the machinery you need.

SBA Loan Program

For small businesses, an SBA loan may be the ideal choice to enable growth and to do bigger things with your company. At Key Capital, we offer the SBA Loan Program as a viable option for many small businesses in need of funds.

Church Financing

Alongside general business financing, we also offer specific church financing. Explicitly designed for places of worship, this niche form of financing is a specialized service that we provide alongside our more generalized lending.

Medical Working Capital

For medical professionals, having access to working capital is essential. Allowing better management of your cash flow and peace of mind, our medical financial offerings at Key Capital are designed specifically for individuals and clinics.

Easy Pay Cash Advance

Are you looking to access a cash advance quickly for your business? Our secure pay cash advance service offers a comfortable, speedy way to do so. With cash given on the spot, you can ensure that you'll be able to get what you need.

Unsecured Business Loan

With more and more businesses requiring loans without assets to secure them against, our unsecured business loans are a popular solution, allowing businesses to borrow what they need to grow - when they need it.

Accounts Receivable Financing

If you’re looking for the ideal way to increase the scope of your business while reducing existing book debts, Key Capital is the answer. Our accounts receivable financing is the perfect way to grow moving forward. 

Business Term Loans

Long-term loans are the ideal fit for some businesses if they aren't able to pay it off immediately. If you’re looking for a lengthier financial option, then our business term loans at Key Capital might just be the ideal fit for you.

Business Acquisition

If you’re planning on rapidly growing your business through acquisition, having sound financial backing is essential. At Key Capital, we offer that security and support your business needs during its fast growth,

Financing Securities-Based Lending

If you’ve been turned down for an unsecured loan, or you’re simply interested in placing collateral against a business loan, our securities-based lending is the solution. No matter large or small.

Fix and Flip Financing

Are you planning on purchasing properties to flip and sell? Then our dedicated fix and flip financing service is your ideal option. It's designed to support the ebb and flow of your businesses and to ensure high profitability with reduced risk.

Real Estate Financing

Financing for real estate is one of the specialized services we offer at Key Capital. From commercial to residential properties, we provide the ideal option for real estate financing all over the United States. Here, no project is too large.