Can Churches Get Loans?

Can Churches Get Loans? Whether you’re a pastor or a church staff member, you know that in order for your church to operate smoothly, you have to treat certain aspects of it like a business. And “the books” is definitely one of those areas.

Can Churches Get Loans?

Sometimes churches need capital and cannot wait for the tithes and offerings to cover it. Thankfully, loans are an option.

There are perhaps a lot of churches who think that because they aren’t a “business” per se that they cannot get a loan, and that is absolutely not true. Whether there’s a sudden drop in attendance and tithing (thanks, COVID-19) or a storm blows through and destroys part of the church roof, there is any number of things that can cause a church to be in need of financial aid. Your church’s need doesn’t have to be catastrophic to qualify for a loan. You may need to purchase new sound equipment, update the nursery, or install more comfortable seating. Those are all expenses that your church could take out a loan for.

Don’t play the shame game. Churches have always been there for their people and now we’re here for YOU.

It’s difficult asking for help; some churches even feel like they shouldn’t have to ask for a loan. But churches, much like businesses, require a certain amount of money in order to minister to others. And years like this have no doubt caused a drastic dip in finances for many congregations. Churches are such a valuable part of our society, though, so if taking on a loan is going to further your impact or help you keep your doors open, then there is no shame in getting that help. If your church is in need of capital and you’re at all self-conscious or feel guilty about taking on a loan for your church, please talk to someone on the Key Capital team about your concerns. We’d love to talk through any hesitancy you are feeling and help you navigate your options.

Some churches are thriving and need a loan to sustain growth. And others are just surviving and need a loan to stay afloat until the storm passes. Whatever the case may be, your church can get a loan from Key Capital. Reach out to us today!