Our Packages

A la carte

If you only require one aspect of our bookkeeping services, such as payroll help, it doesn't make sense to pay for our entire bookkeeping services. That's why we offer an a la carte option, where you can pick and choose the bookkeeping services that you need, as and when required. 

On a monthly basis

If you require comprehensive bookkeeping on a scheduled basis, we can do so on a monthly basis. This is a convenient arrangement that allows your affairs to be kept in order, on a regular routine that offers minimal disruption to your day.

Monthly Services

Monthly services allow us to keep your business finances on track and up-to-date year-round. We cover everything from general bookkeeping to reporting to ensure that your cash flow is accurate and that your financial statements add up every month.

Bookkeeping - Key Capital

Accounts Payable

Our team can handle all accounts payable services your business requires, sending invoices and ensuring prompt payment from clients and customers. We ensure nothing slips through the cracks, keeping your finances as healthy as possible.

Payroll Services

Our knowledge and experience in payroll solutions make us the ideal choice to ensure your staff or contractors are paid on time, every time. We handle payroll for you and give you more time to focus on other areas of your business growth.


Annual Filings

Tax filings, auditing, and reporting are all a part of the standard service we offer at Key Capital. We make sure your books are in top shape, ready for the tax year, making filing quicker, easier, and effortless year on year.


Need help to transform your finances? Our expert team has the skills and knowledge to carry out thorough clean-ups of your finances, getting you back on your feet and on- track for future planning and budgetary requirements.