Who We Are

Our Vision

As a financial lending and leasing company that also provides stellar C-level services, Key Capital aims to enhance the success of businesses and investors across America. We’re committed to ensuring businesses build and maintain a strong reputation to grow their companies. Our purpose is to see businesses become financially stable and have current C-level competencies to execute their competitive strategies.

Why Choose Key Capital

There are many reasons why you should choose Key Capital. Not only are we dedicated to the long-term productivity and success of your business, but we're also specialists in the financial field. This means we are driven by a genuine desire to help you strengthen your business, and backed by years of experience in the sector. We offer refreshing alternatives to traditional business practices.

While banks may be limited, Key Capital offers extensive lending services that encompass acquisition, working capital, and lines of credit. We also provide bespoke C-level services to new and existing companies that want nothing short of excellence. When looking for current financial and C-suite services that meet the unique needs of your business, look no further than our team.

Our Team

The Key Capital team is comprised of only the best financial experts that possess specialized expertise in an area. Our knowledgable team is on hand to provide helpful advice and effective solutions.

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Hannah Smith

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Interested in working with Key Capital? Speak to a member of our team today to learn more about what we do and to enquire about any current or upcoming open job roles.