Who We Are

Our Vision

As a company that provides exceptional C-suite services, Key Capital is dedicated to bolstering the success of businesses and investors throughout America. Our financial lending and leasing options support this commitment, helping companies to build and maintain robust reputations and achieve growth. Our goal is to ensure that businesses are financially stable and equipped with the current C-level competencies necessary to execute their competitive strategies.

Why Choose Key Capital


Dedicated partner for your business's sustained growth.

Bespoke C-Level Services

 Tailored excellence for both new and existing companies seeking top-tier C-suite expertise.


Backed by years of experience, we bring refreshing alternatives to traditional practices.

Extensive Lending Services

Beyond banks, we offer comprehensive options, including acquisition, working capital, and lines of credit.


Our team crafts personalized financial and C-suite services to match your business's distinct needs.

Our Partners

The Key Capital team is comprised of only the best financial experts that possess specialized expertise in an area. Our knowledgable team is on hand to provide helpful advice and effective solutions.

Jim Morrison

Hannah Smith

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Interested in working with Key Capital? Speak to a member of our team today to learn more about what we do and to enquire about any current or upcoming open job roles.