5 Essential Questions About Church Loans

Churches are incredibly integral parts of communities across the country, so when churches struggle financially, this can have a ripple effect, taking its toll on local people. That’s why being able to obtain a church loan can be such a lifeline for a congregation. If you are a congregation in need of a loan for your church, then you may have some questions that need answering before you take one out. 

It’s important you have as much information as you can get about any financial decisions you have to make. Read on to see five essential questions about church loans and the considerations that come with them. 

1) Can Our Church Afford A Loan?

When considering a loan, it’s important to review the costs on a long-term basis. A loan from an established and trustworthy lender is very unlikely to be a quick fix, and your church is likely to be paying them back for some time. If the amount of money brought into your church fluctuates a lot, taking out a loan could pose more financial struggles. 

2) What Is Our Borrowing Capacity? 

It’ll benefit your church greatly if you can work out how much the project you need a loan for will cost. With this kind of planning, you can strategically calculate the finances of the church. 

It’s worth talking to a professional in the finance industry to determine your church’s borrowing capacity. This will assist with knowing the appropriate amount to borrow, without it being too much or too little. 

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3) Does The Lender Specialize In Church Loans?

There are plenty of lending companies in the US that specialize in offering loans to those who need them. However, a church does not have the same requirements as a house, for example. Places of worship have their own unique needs and there are a variety of specific considerations that need to be taken into account. 

It’s best to choose a lender who specializes in church loans, so they can help with meeting these requirements as well as offering interest rates that your church can keep up with.

4) Are There Any Penalties Involved?

Low-interest rates often come with certain conditions. You should always look at the small print, especially so with interest rates. Sometimes terms are put in place that will penalize borrowers for paying off the loan too early. 

You may also notice a mention of third-party fees, which is often a ploy in disguise as a way to get more money out of a client. 

5) What Happens If We Face Difficulties With Certain Repayments? 

If you are considering taking out a loan, there’s not really a way you can be a hundred percent certain that you will be able to pay every installment back on time and with ease. However, it’s important that you can at least envision that this is more possible than not. 

With a church loan, you may face difficulties with repayments, but it’s best not to mention this straight away to a lender as it could suggest your church isn’t fit to take out a loan. This is also why it’s beneficial to choose a lender who specializes in church loans, as they will be more accomodating towards your financial situation. 

Choosing a company that specializes in church loans will be advantageous for your church. You can contact Key Capital for any queries you have about your church’s finances and our church-focused services.