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Why We Are Different

For too long, businesses have stuck to age-old traditions, some of which are no longer suited for the contemporary business world. Most new and existing businesses rely on banks for funding and other financial services, but they soon discover that they need more flexibility to meet current market dynamics than the banks can offer. Similarly, many businesses have stuck to expensive hiring practices to get the best C-level services. Although C-suite services are essential, only a few companies can afford an in-house team.

That’s where Key Capital comes in.

C-Level Services

Key Capital offers affordable access to top-tier C-suite expertise, eliminating in-house hiring costs. Benefit from seasoned executives - CEOs for strategic foundations, CFOs for financial insight, COOs for operational growth, and CMOs for effective marketing. Propel your business forward with our comprehensive "C" level services.

C-Suite Level

Finding the Solution That’s Right for Your Business

No two businesses are alike, so why would any financial assistance provider provide one-size-fits-all solutions? Key Capital tailors our services to be ideal for your business.


If you're a business requiring the opportunity to connect with potential investors, we have ample investment lines open for you. Key Capital enacts the role of middleman between investors and those requiring private funding. 

C-Level Services

Each business needs this type of service as a solid foundation. To take your small business to the next level, our C-Level services provide C-Suite expertise without the cost of hiring a complete set of specialists.


Alongside connecting businesses with potential investors, at Key Capital, we offer a range of lending solutions to suit your individual circumstances, including short-term loans and fix and flip financing.


If you need support regarding the leasing of your assets, Key Capital can help. As experts with plentiful leasing experience, we're your first port of call.

How It Works

Working with Key Capital couldn't be simpler. Whichever service you require, all you have to do to get started is reach out to us. From there, we'll set up a consultation between you and a member of our team to establish your individual needs and circumstances better. 

As specialists in a number of financial matters, we provide a one-stop customer service that helps entrepreneurs fulfill their business dreams from start to finish.

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